Probe of the Month – August

Introducing the Fischer Probe FTD3.3

The Right Choice for Paint, Lacquer and Anodised Coatings.

  • What is it?                   

Contacting probe for non-destructive measurement of coating thickness

  • How does it work?

High-frequency eddy current method

  • To ISO specification?

ISO 2360

  • Measuring Range

0 – 800 μm         

  • What are the unique selling points?

 Automatic correction for the curvature of the coated sample that removes the need for frequent re-calibration

  • What are typical measuring applications

Thickness of anodic films and polymeric coatings on aluminium, brass, or copper and non-ferromagnetic substrates

  • What are the main markets

Aerospace, automotive, aluminium extrusions

  • Suitable Fischer instrument types


The FTD3.3 contacting (tactile) probe used in conjunction with a handheld or bench mounted instrument from FISCHER makes it easy to measure coating thicknesses non-destructively. Using a high-frequency eddy current principle to ISO 2360, its unique automatic curvature correction removes the need for frequent re-calibration on curved surfaces. It is widely used to measure anodic film and polymeric coatings on aluminium in the aerospace, automotive, and aluminium extrusion industries.

Read about how to choose the correct coating thickness gauge

Watch a YouTube video demonstration of the probe below:

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