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The Automotive industry and its challenges

The automotive industry is constantly facing technology challenges to further improve the quality of its products. It can be difficult to find suppliers and partners who are aligned with these technological challenges. Helmut Fischer, as a global partner of the leading car manufacturers, offers the best technologies for measuring the thickness of coatings, satisfying various requirements such as layer measurement in hard-to-reach locations in coachwork interiors, on rough substrates, duplex coatings (paint / zinc on steel or iron) and reporting the results individually, as well as the measuring of coating while still hot as examples. Applications of tri-cationic phosphate or Zn phosphate, electrodeposited coatings of Zn, ZnNi, Cr, Ni, Cu, NiP, among others, as well as powder paint coatings, coating by immersion or electrostatic painting, known as Catophoretic Coating (KTL), are some of the many applications that can easily be met by Fischer solutions.

The use of Helmut Fischer equipment enables control of the element composition of galvanic baths, allowing better control of the thickness of the final layer by means of better process control, thereby ensuring quality and at the lowest possible cost.

Another important factor in the automotive industry is compliance with the standards of its service providers, as they need to meet the quality control requirements and their measurements must be certified and traceable, in compliance with standards such as ISO 17025/IATF 16949/ ISO 9001.

With the need for a high precision, quality solution Fischer has developed high performance equipment and analytical instruments that exceed the expectations of the automotive industry.


The FMP Series of layer thickness gauges together with our high-precision probes allow for

non-destructive and highly accurate measurements of paint coatings and lacquers. Whether it’s for quality control in a manufacturing process, random sample inspection or complete batches, these portable, easy-to-use instruments will meet your needs. With more than 70 different types of probes, even the most difficult jobs, such as measuring on rough surfaces, in holes and tubes, on concave or convex surfaces and many other challenges, can be overcome with one of our special probes.


The DataCenter IP (Inspection Plan) software was developed to optimise the management of results obtained in the measurements of components, providing a simple inspection plan for statistical control of coating thickness by systematically showing the measurements at the same points regardless of who is performing the inspection.

The DataCenter IP (Inspection Plan) allows you to use simplified drawings of the exact point of measurement on the surface of the sample.

All versions of the DataCenter software include a powerful tool for quality control – the Factory Diagnostic Diagram (FDD) developed and patented by Fischer. The FDD allows visual processing of measurement data or characteristic data derived from measurement groups.

The measurement data collected during inspections can be easily and quickly transferred to FISCHER DataCenter using USB- ports, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, speeding up the reporting process and avoiding errors that could result from transferring such data by hand.


V7FKB4 Probe

This probe is suitable for measuring paint or metal coatings between 0μm and 2000μm because of its high precision and repeatability when measuring coatings on rough substrates of steel or iron base material (NC / Fe and NF / Fe).

FGAB1.3 Probe

This probe is ideal for measuring paint or metal coatings on steel or iron base material (NC / Fe and NF / Fe) with different types of geometry, or small measurement areas and is highly accurate throughout the entire measuring range of up to 2000μm.

FTD3.3 Probe

This probe is suitable for measuring the thickness of thin coatings of paint, lacquers and anodization on non-ferrous substrates such as aluminium, copper or brass (NC / NF). It has excellent levels of accuracy due to its unique technology for curvature compensation throughout the range, from 0μm to 1200μm.

FKB10 Probe

This probe is suitable for coatings up to 8mm, reducing the influence of the roughness on ferrous substrates (NC / Fe and NF / Fe). As it its body is at a 90° angle, this probe offers excellent accessibility.

V3FGA06H Probe

This probe is specially designed for non-destructive measurements of coatings within the chassis sections of vehicles, it has a small, flexible head to adapt and fit into small openings during an inspection and always ensures correct positioning due to a 3-point support system.


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