Probe of the Month – October

Introducing the Fischer Probe FGB2

The right choice for corrosion resistant Inconel cladding thickness measurement in heat recovery applications

    • What is it?                   

    Single pole perpendicular contacting probe with wear resistant CVD coated tip, for non-destructive measurement of non-magnetic corrosion resistant coatings on steel substrates

    • How does it work? Magnetic induction method
    • To ISO specification? ISO 2178
    • Measuring Range? 0 – 5 mm            
    • What is the USP?

    CVD coated probe tip extends probe life and heat resistant shield allows measurements at elevated temperatures up to 80°C. Small probe footprint allows easy access to complex shapes and weld features.

    • Typical measuring applications

    Thickness of Inconel and other corrosion/oxidation resistant coatings in waste heat recovery vessels

    • What are the main markets?
    High energy usage manufacturing processes where heat recovery from flue gases is economically and environmentally beneficial 

Suitable instrument types from Helmut Fischer GmbH:

The FGB2 contacting (tactile) probe utilises the magnetic induction method (ISO 2178), and can be paired with a range of Fischer portable instruments to provide accurate non-destructive thickness measurement of Inconel cladding  on steel. The probe can tolerate elevated contact temperatures and has a wear resistant probe tip

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