Probe of the Month – September

Introducing the Fischer Probe V3FGA06H

The Right Choice for Cathodic Dip Paint Coatings

  • What is it?                   

Right-angled internal contacting probe with wear-resistant tip, for non-destructive measurement of coating thickness in cavities and bores

  • How does it work?

Magnetic induction method to ISO 2178

  • Measuring Range

0 – 350 μm         

  • What is the unique selling point?

Slim curved probe shaft with a ball joint mounted probe tip, stabilised with three contact points. Can access measurement areas that previously required a destructive coating thickness test.

  • What are typical measuring applications

The thickness of Cathodic Dip Paint coatings inside hollow vehicle body sections

  • What are the main markets



The V3FGA06H contacting (tactile) probe utilises the magnetic induction method (ISO 2178), and can be paired with a range of Fischer portable instruments to provide accurate non-destructive paint thickness measurements. Its innovative design makes it easy to reach previously inaccessible internal sections of vehicle bodywork.

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Watch a YouTube video demonstration of the probe below:

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